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I was given the unique opportunity to have a look around "Special Operations 50 station Cannon Hill", Saturday 28th March 2009.
The QFRS has a team of more than 60 highly-skilled international disaster responders equipped to attend emergencies anywhere in the world. They were the first in the country to be accredited and will enable Australia to provide assistance to disaster sites around the world. Accreditation by United Nations evaluators is testament to their abilities. The team can be assembled and on route to any location worldwide within 72hours.

In most States Fire Services are responsible for USAR development and response where State Fire Services require assistance.

(Urban Search and Rescue) is a specialised technical rescue capability for the location and rescue of entrapped people following a structural collapse. They also respond to chemical spills and other hazardous materials incidents. Firefighters are equipped with protective suits, & work with the Counter Disaster & Rescue Services Chemical Hazards Unit to safely manage hazardous substances and minimise risk to the community and the environment.

They have got swiftwater rescue, generators, lighting equipment, vertical rescue, small inflatable boats, tents for all the men, tents for the incident team, computers, power cutting equipment, compressors, gas bottles, anything you can think of that might be needed for an emergency, they've got it and they generate their own power.
QFRS - Special Ops deployed two brand new urban search and rescue trucks to Rockhampton in readiness for Cyclone Hamish (2009).
Within the images - image DSC_0033 shows metal containers with various names on them. Response protocols Qld indicates the following:-
USAR ALPHA - This is a basic category level for incidents that occur within a 1  1/2 hr response of the Greater Brisbane area.
USAR BRAVO - This category provides response to incidents that occur with QLD, but are outside the designated initial response zone for deployment of USAR Alpha response.

There are also
USAR CHARLIE - This category provides response to an interstate incident occurring outside of the designated Bravo response area within Queensland. Response to an incident of this type requires Queensland Government approval.
USAR DELTA - This category is the international response capability provided by Queensland.
Many thanks to all at 50 station and Stn 7 for the impromptu night visit.