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"Arnie Ehlers and Mark Vaughan are both work mates of Dave Galvin's who has been a professional firefighter with the Queensland Fire & Rescue Service for the last 22  years. He is based in Brisbane, however due to his specialist training he has been deployed to other parts of the state, such as Innisfail in March 2006. During his 22 years, David has devoted countless hours helping others and serving the Queensland community that he loves.
On 24th September 2009, whilst holidaying with his family on the Gold Coast, David suffered a spinal injury in the C3 area rendering him a quadriplegic. His stay in hospital will be for a considerable time. And although he has suffered this terrible injury he remains remarkably upbeat and positive, which Arnie and Mark contribute to a true testament of his character.
 Arnie & Mark wish to raise a minimum of $20,000.00 to assist David's family - and have today; Monday 23rd November returned from a cycling fund raiser ride from Adelaide to Perth across the Nullabor Plains. A total of 2,716kms unassisted. They cycled approximately 150kms per day and the ride took 19 days. Both Arnie and Mark incurred all associated costs for the ride, so that all monies raised goes to where it is needed; the Galvin family."
Tony & Leigh Aubrey flew the boys and their bikes back home today, and along with the President of the United Firefighters Union and David Sutch, I was fortunate enough to witness their return.
Their plane flew in at 3.55pm and were greeted by what can only be described as a true heroes welcome by the Brisbane Airport Firefighters - 2 fire appliances greeted their plane with a hosing down - this is usually afforded to those of high standing in the aviation world. Both boys were alittle weary but glad to be home with family and friends.
"The purpose of this ride had been to help their mate, Dave Galvin and his family.
... and with the support of all of the followers from all over Australia and along the way"
While the ride has been completed you can still make a pledge of a donation by emailing Dave Sutch on
Photos from today are seen HERE.