Phoenix Rising K5.
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Capalaba Station 3o is one of two (2) stations trialling the new Scania COMPRESS AIR FOAM SYSTEM. The other station is Windsor.
Compress Air Foan System (CAFS) takes the Class A concentrate additive technology to the next level by aggressively aeration the solution in a mixing chamber prior to discharge from the pump. CAFS is a "high energy system" and this means that the stream can be projected well through a straight stream or pumped to elevated positions.

It provides a number of benefits: -
1. Water Conservation
2. Improved knockdown speed and reduced water run off.
3. Reduced chances of reignition due deeper penetration of water into the fuel mass.
4. Reduction in the amount of foam concentrate required.
5. Well suited to iZone structural protection and fire attack.
6. Hose lines are lighter and easier to handle because they are approx 50% air.

Thanks to "C" shift for allowing me to take images and for the chat.