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Coolangatta Airport Fire Aviation Visit - Wednesday 13th January 2010

Special thanks to Airservices personnel for giving us special permission and signing us into the airside visit of Coolangatta's Fire Aviation Fire station.
While visiting we not only viewed all appliances but were fortunate enough to witness on our departure the fly over of the Airforces C-17 Globemaster which will be replacing the Hercules.
Many thanks to "Black" shift of the Coolangatta Fire station crew - and to Firefighter Andrew B for showing us around.

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Brisbane Airport Fire Aviation Visit - Friday 8th January 2010.

Many thanks to the "D" shift crew for allowing us in to take photos.
To view images from Friday 8th January 2010 visit click HERE.
Airservices Australia provides Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) services at 21 of Australia's busiest airports.

Their primary roles are to rescue people and property from an aircraft that has crashed or caught fire during landing or take-off and to control and extinguish fire and protect people and property on the airport in general.

They employ 650 highly trained and experienced fire fighting and technical staff. 

They recruit and train fire fighters to International Civil Aviation Authority standards through their own Australian accredited training school.

Operating and maintain a fleet of more than 75 specialised, high-performance aviation fire fighting vehicles, water rescue boats and domestic response vehicles.

This allows them to respond to a broad range of aviation and airport emergencies, including:

  • aircraft incidents
  • building fires
  • medical assistance requests
  • water rescues
  • fire alarms
Aviation fire fighters respond to about 6,500 incidents a year.