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Some Facts About  9/11 

* New York Fire Department - FDNY - lost 343
 including FDNY Fire Chaplin Father Mychal Judge 
* New York Police Department - NYPD - lost 23
* Port Authority Police Department - PAPD - lost 37
* Emergency Medical Techinican's - EMT - 15 
                                     -- the largest loss of Emergency Responders in a single event in U.S. history.

2,977 victims.
The immediate deaths include 246 victims on the four planes / 2,606 in New York city in the towers and on the ground
125 at the Pentagon - 70 were civilians and 55 were military personnel.

AMERICAN AIRLINES Flight 11 - 76 passengers & 11 crew.
UNITED AIRLINES Flight 175 - 49 passengers & 11 crew.
AMERICAN AIRLINES Flight 77 - 53 passengers & 6 crew.
UNITED AIRLINES Flight 93 - 33 passengers & 7 crew.

September 11 2001 - a date that has come to mean so many things, from pain, loss and evil to newfound depths of hope, selflessness, generosity and courage. Around the world millions watched as the attacks unfolded. The attacks of Sept 11 2001, changed the world forever, and they bought loss and grief on a scale we have never known.

In a span of 102 minutes, 70 nations, almost 3,00 people met a tragic death.

Rebuilding Ground Zero - 16 hallowed acres, honouring the past, building the future, engineering the impossible.


Despite the toxic conditions, rescue workers, joined by ironworkers, carpenters, electrical workers and other volunteers continued to search for survivors through the night of Sept 11th.
2,700 vertical feet of structural materials had been compressed into a mountainous, smouldering pile of scraps of steel, splinters of concrete, tangled rebar and unrecoginzable material.

People came to Ground Zero not just to help at the site, but to support the recovery workers putting in strenuous shifts. American Red Cross & Salvation Army and volunteers were joined by medical personnel who set up relief centres all around the site. St Paul's Chapel, transformed its pews into stations where workers were able to rest, eat meals and receive medical attention and counseling.

8.46am -     Hijackers deliberately crash AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 11 into floors 93-99 of the North Tower (1WTC).

by 9am -     FDNY, NYPD, PAPD mobilize at their highest levels.

9.25am -     Federal Aviation Adminstration (FAA) orders nationwide ground stop, prohibiting the takeoff of flights.

9.30am -     Hijackers deliberately crash UNITED AIRLINES FLIGHT 175 into floors 77-85 of South Tower (2WTC).

9.37am -     Hijackers deliberately crash AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 77 into the Pentagon, Washington D.C.

9.40am -     FAA orders 4,546 planes in North America airspace to land at the nearest airports.

9.59am -     South Tower (2WTC) collapses.

10.03am -   After learning of the other attacks, passengers on UNITED AIRLINES FLIGHT 93 launch counterattack, in response the hijackers crash the plane in Shanksville Pennsylvania.

10.28am -   North Tower (1WTC) collapses.

5.20pm -    7 WTC collapses

8.30pm -    President George W Bush addresses the nation.

On 12th September 2001 at 12.30pm at the North Tower - Genelle Guzman was the last of 18 people pulled from the ruble alive.

11.03.2002 - The 6th month Anniversary of the attacks is marked by "Tribute In Light", an art installation projection 2 shafts of light upward from Lower Manhattan.

10.05.2002 - Along with 1.4 million tons of debris removed from the site, 19,435 body parts have been recovered from Ground Zero.

30.5.2002 - The "Last Column" the final standing column of the W.T.C. is removed from the site in a public event attended by thousands, ceremonially marking the end of the recovery and cleanup operations.

Around the city, the front doors of firehouses and police stations become shrines and 1st responders left the lockers of those who had fallen as they were, uniforms hanging and personal effects just as they had been on the morning of 9/11

Many Americans experienced a powerfully renewed sense of patriotism, and the display of American flags multiplied exponentially to the point that many flagmakers found themselves temporarily out of stock.
Expressions of sympathy poured into the United States from around the world, many of them taking the form of large projects inviting broad participation.

Memorial architect MICHAEL ARAD was an unknown 34 yr old architect from New York. His competition design board envisioned both a "sacred memorial ground" and a "large urban plaza that will benefit the residents of the city in their everyday lives".

The 2,982 names of the men, women and children killed in the attacks of Sept 11th 2001 and February 26th 1993 are inscribed into the large bronze parapets surrounding the twin memorial pools located in the footprints of the Twin Towers.
      Around the North Pool appear the names of those who worked in or were visiting the North Tower - 1 WTC on 9/11; the crew and passengers of AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 11; and those who were killed in the Feb 26th 1993 bombing of the World Trade Centre.
      Around the South Pool appear the names of those who worked in or were visiting the South Tower - 2 WTC or other areas of the WTC complex on 9/11, the first responders; the crew and passengers of UNITED AIRLINES FLIGHT 175; AMERICAN AIRLINE FLIGHT 77 and UNITED AIRLINES FLIGHT 93 and those who worked in or were visiting the Pentagon.

Although the memorial is designed for Remembrance and Reflection, the museum fulfills the need for historic preservation and education, not only portraying history through exhibitions but also featuring the remaining archaeological assets of the WTC site - such as the slurry wall and the towers column remnants as elements of its architectual design.

The water flows beneath the bronze panels, but the panels remain dry so that visitiors can make rubbing or impressions of the incised names with paper and pencil. At night, light shines up through the voids left by each letter filling the absence. A heating and cooling system has been designed to keep the panels warm enough in the winter to melt the snow and ice and cool enough in the summer so that people can comfortably run their fingers over the names. 


On September 12th 2011 - we had the opportunity to visit the Memorial site. Not knowing what to expect there was a sense of apprehension, the odd plane flying overhead didn't help. We were able to walk around the 16 acres of hallowed grounds, and having not seen the site prior to or immediately after 9/11, there were images that I had seen over the last 10 years that popped into my head. But, like so many others there, we reflected by what now stands at the footprints of the World Trade Centres - a strange feeling of peace and tranquility came over me.
The Memorial has been a long time coming, and in 2012 the 9/11 Memorial Museum will open housing artifacts from this horrific day.... but nothing can ever take away the horror that took over New York, at least with this memorial they can at least feel that they have turned a page and look forward to the future.

I urge those who have not yet planned a visit to do so, it is truly a place of REMEMBRANCE and REFLECTION for those of us that were not there 9/11/01, who can pay our respects to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. 

May all who visit STAY SAFE